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The One Invisible Code – Sharat Sharma – Book Review

The One Invisible Code – Sharat Sharma – Book Review

Sharat Sharma’s bestselling title, The One Invisible Code, is a fresh entry, came in 2020, on the list of self-help and motivational books that I have reviewed for The Last Critic. However, it does not come and join the list with the usual content. It has tried to offer very unique ideas and content to the readers of self-help books and also succeeded to a great extent. I have particularly liked the thing that the author has not just dictated his way through the book but rather offered ideas, suggestions and content through stories, in the beginning, pointers in the middle, various sections as we move towards the end of a chapter and culminating things with exercises to track one’s progress… well, that might sound a little school-like atmosphere but the author has done it in a fashion that you will appreciate.

The book has 10 chapters and all have been categorised in a unique way – understanding things, realising the truth and working hard to get success. 10 chapters, three parts and one message – working with a well-defined plan to realise one’s goals. Sharat Sharma’s style is unique… he can make you understand why to do something, how to do it and what it might yield… impressive!

The book begins with a detailed discussion on what a life might be if we don’t try to come out of the herd or the zone of mediocrity. The author has given his thoughts in the form of a short story at the very beginning of the chapters in the books. You will surely understand why it is well-placed and how it can help someone understand the important things quickly. Once the author has discussed a life where you control things around you and a life where things control you, he moves on to defining and elaborating on the concept of mindset. The chapters on mindset are very important and also wonderfully prepared. You will know about several types of mindset and what one particular might contribute or take away from you. And then, the action plan comes in the third part – discovering the invisible code, understanding the GAPP framework and learning about 3 Cs and the 5 Ds.

In short, the content is unique, the style is impressive and the communication between the author and his readers is also there, very much in an emphatic way. Sharat Sharma’s idea needs to be appreciated that he did not decide to narrate why he is successful and others are a failure. He rather joined the readers and discussed things in detail – with a vision and a definite aim – to make his readers understand why does he suggest what he suggests and how it might impact their life. He advises about realising one’s potential, discovering one’s passion, making a plan to define the right goal based on the potential or passion, acting on the same and then achieving whatever you decide to achieve. Isn’t that impressive? You will see the same once you begin reading the book.

To make things even interesting and ideal, there are sketches, bullets, boxes, diagrams, quotes, stories of the successful people and many other things in proper places throughout the book. You will find those as you go on reading about the ways you can know what you actually are and what your interest, strengths and weaknesses are. Talking about the technical aspects of the content, the language is very simple and impactful. Readers won’t have to spend time with their reference books or the dictionaries as happens in the case of self-help books usually. It’s a reader-friendly book and it acts the same way.

To sum it up and to give my final verdict on the book, I would simply say that The One Invisible Code is very much visible once you get in-tune with the content of the book. It’s about the readers and their realisations rather than being about the author and his success. So, you read about yourself, you learn about yourself and you plan to achieve things for yourself – Sharat Sharma, the author, is not present as many other authors tend to be. He is there as a connecting force between you and your things – ambition, passion, strengths, weaknesses, goals and the most important thing, self-awareness. So, there are many things that make the book unique, and it will be a very impressive read. Well, other than being an awe-inspiring self-help title, the book can also connote a very strict framework where you learn the lessons and solve the puzzles or answer certain questions. Though this is a very rare case that someone might feel like it, but there are possibilities because the book follows the same chapter structure throughout… though not a downside exactly, it certainly makes the book a little usual, predictable and mundane, to an extent, for the readers who rather focus on style than the content. Except for this minute idea that is there, The One Invisible Code is a book to read and relish… realising one’s potential and understanding the importance of self-awareness on the path to success! IT DOES HELP YOU!

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Review by Parakashtha M for The Last Critic


The One Invisible Code – Sharat Sharma – Book Review
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A must-read self-help book that comes with a freshness of ideas, unconventional style and wonderful inputs that may strike a chord of inspiration in any one’s mind…

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  1. I read this book recently and I can relate to many points mentioned here. I found the book practical which is the biggest point of appreciation for me. Thank you!

  2. Wonderful book… I am reading it right now and I should be finishing it by tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion guys…

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