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Welcome to the website of book lovers, book readers and book critics – we are the team of The Last Critic! You will find many amazing things to read on our website. We regularly post book reviews, literary articles, author interviews, author introductions and general opinions on literary updates. We are certainly one of the emerging book review websites in India but we aspire to be different.

We are here to try our best to bring the value judgement, worthy criticism and the best possible way of reviewing a piece of written literature at the fore of our literary horizon. Our critics will read the books by Indian authors and novelists, poets, and scholars. We will also bring the book reviews of international books alongside the book reviews of books by Indian authors. The Last Critic team will ensure that once you read any of our reviews, you do come back to check our reviews again and again – and we promise to offer you fresh and quality literary content every time you visit this website.

Enjoy your reads! You can find below many sections of reviews. Go ahead and explore or just visit our blog page to read all our posts – Latest Book Reviews

You can also find some of the book reviews below, on this page. Our readers are constantly working on bringing the best of our writings to you. We are working to become one of the leading online destinations for literature lovers and book lovers in India. And thus, all our efforts will be in the direction of becoming one of the leading book review websites in India. 


Intimate Leadership by Jayaram Rajaram, a book review

While much can be said about this book, and many readers have said so much on different book websites, I will try to keep things simple, straightforward and uncluttered as the book itself is. First of all, let’s know the…

Must Read Books on Indology, a list every lover of the subject should read

First, those new to the subject should know what we are discussing. What is Indology and why is it important? Academic and political definitions may be anything, let us focus on what is the most convenient and simple way to…

T S Eliot – in the frenzy and dismay of life’s ailments!

Whatever T. S. Eliot might have been throughout his life, many believe he was an ardent pessimist at the beginning of his career. Let’s examine this argument… with both sides on the table so that we don’t miss any important…

Chetan Bhagat and his impact on Indian English literature – tracing the positives and the drawbacks with the best way forward

Anyone who claims to indulge in reading Indian English literature must have heard about Chetan Bhagat. The phenomena that annunciated the revolution in Indian English fiction – making it accessible, simple, friendly and ‘consumable’. Before Bhagat, one might say, common…

Dr Haseena Chokkiyil – author of The Kintsugi Moms, an introduction

Dr Haseena Chokkiyil, before anything else, poses herself as a mother and that helps all those who come to her for advice, suggestions and counselling (mostly women). And from those sessions, interactions and conversations on a wide range of issues…

Melodies of Society by Arav Rajesh – Book Review

I must admit right at the beginning that reading a quality poetry collection by a relatively young author does delight me more than anything else! Being an ardent reader of Indian English poetry for more than a decade (academic and…

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