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The Flight Of The Eagle By J. Krishnamurti – Book Review

The Flight of the Eagle by J. Krishnamurti – Book Review

Jiddu Krishnamurti is certainly one of the most followed spiritual leaders in contemporary times. The best thing about him is that he did not take the usual course of telling people what divinity might be or how one can achieve it. He rather focused on this world, the mortal beings and also the ways human beings could get out of their everyday problems. This can be understood in very simple terms. Once asked a very direct question by one of his followers – what do you want us people here in this world to do – J. Krishnamurti answered:

“Very simple, sir. I don’t want anything. That’s first. Secon, live, live in this world. This world is so marvellously beautiful. … to be free from them [supposed problems] is only possible in becoming aware of one’s relationship, not only with human beings, but with ideas, with nature, with everything…”

And this is the kind of conversation that we find in plenty in his book, The Flight of the Eagle. Mostly sold in size a little bigger than pocket-sized books, this has the power to stir once mind to seek the answers that we often ignore. The Flight of the Eagle is a collection of talks, discourses and sessions by Jiddu Krishnamurti. However, the extracts from his talks have been selected in a way that most of them point in the same direction – how to liberate oneself from the morbid realities (that we assume to be real) of this world and live blissfully.

“For most of us, freedom is an idea and not an actuality.”

With this striking, compelling and almost frightening line, the book begins. And the author or the force behind this idea, is right in saying so. Many of us discuss freedom days and nights. However, in what context do we talk? How do we perceive freedom? A teenager might want the freedom to hang out with his or her friends. A couple in love may seek freedom to indulge sexually. A student may seek freedom to skip the examinations and still be promoted to next standard… a politician may seek freedom to be elected by default! Freedom, as an idea, has many surroundings to fit in. However, what’s the freedom that we all seek internally?

The book is a very interesting one and all those readers who are interested in reading exciting non-fiction titles with amazing ideas must read this book to understand their stand, that of the author and a general ideal situation that we might want to see ahead. You can grab a copy of this book in physical formats as well as a digital one. Click the link to Amazon India below and buy your copy now:

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Review by a writer for The Last Critic


The Flight of the Eagle by J. Krishnamurti – Book Review
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An interesting account of freedom… freedom that we seek and freedom that we cannot ignore. A must-read!

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